Education and empowerment of women and youth

Trough various types of educational programmes, Center works and will continue working on:

  • Empowerement and self-esteem of women and girls by developing programmes of women’s perspective with a goal of changing attitudes and thinking and taking the initiative to go out of social difference of women – conflict with „alienation of women I“ and alienation of woman to woman, recognizion of own values, strenghts and weaknesses;
  • Establishing and conducting of ToT programmes for future advocates in order to increase the number of advocates of gender equality and human rights for women and girls in B&H and region;
  • Continious implementation of defined and customizable outreach programme, cooperation with educational institusion (teaching staff, pedagogues, students, parents…).

In 21 years of work of the Center, at least 2300 women participated in workshops. 200 three-day seminars were held, three trainings for peer educators, at least 550 workshops in which over 2500 girls participated.