About us

Center of Women’s Rights (CWR) was established in 1996. as the Center of Legal Assistance for Women. In September 2017. the title of the organization has been officially changed.

WHO we are?:

The Center is a legal and advocacy organization dedicated to enhancement of the position of women and children in all social relations.

What we do?: Mission

Advocating for gender-just and anti-discriminatory concept in all social relations, for a better position of women and children.

What we strive for?: Vision

We believe that Bosnia and Herzegovina will become a democratic society that fosters the culture of nonviolence and peace, based on the principles of human rights and gender equality.

Overall goal

Protection, improvement and promotion of human rights of women and gender equality, confronting sexualized violence and all other forms of violence and discrimination.

Specific strategic goals

  1. Direct protection of women from all forms of violence with support to access to justice before judicial and service institutions
  2. Contribution to the combating all forms of discrimination by promoting essential equality between women and men in the design and implementation of public and institutional policies
  3. Familiarizing and alarming the public on the drastic and widespread violations of women’s human rights
  4. The Center continually develops the capacity to protect the rights of vulnerable, integration into the system and leading the advocacy process.