Training for women candidates and presenting of the initiative TAKE OFF THE FALSE FACE OF POLITICS

Foundation INFOHOUSE in cooperation with CURE Foundation, Center of Women’s Rights from Zenica and Association of women citizens Bosansko Grahovo, within the initiative TAKE OFF THE FALSE FACE OF POLITICS, today in Tuzla talked with women candidates about the Election law, the representattion of women in politics and about their rights and obligatios. Hiljade žena su se uključile u političke stranke na osnovu lažnog obećanja da će biti ravnopravne. Tim više je bilo važno upoznati kandidatkinje da će po prvi put tokom i nakon izbornog procesa imati besplatnu pravnu podršku ukoliko budu ucjenjene nelegalnim zahtjevima. Thousands of women have been involved in political parties on the basis of the false promise that they will be equal. For that reason it was more important for the women candidates to know that they will, for the first time, have free legal support during and after the election process if they are being abused by illegal claims.