Winners of the competition “Prevention of violence between the sexes”

During the month of March 2017, we launched the initiative and developed a competitive program among students of 8 elementary schools in Zenica on a theme “Prevention of violence between the sexes”. The idea was to encourage young people to think of violence as an unacceptable form of behavior in any interpersonal relationship.

In the competition participated elementary schools: “Meša Selimović”, “Edhem Mulabdić”, „Enver Čolaković “, “Miroslav Krleža”, “Hasan Kikić”, “Aleksa Santić”, “Alija Nametak” and “Mak Dizdar”. 1064 papers arrived at our address, of which a total of 70 prizes were awarded. The prize fund consisted of: laptops, tablets, headphones and chargers for mobile phones.